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Kirkbampton C.E. School

With Hope, Friendship and Compassion, we learn together.


Staffing 2022 - 2023


Come and meet the staff at our school!


Kirkbampton CE School is fortunate to have a highly experienced staff who have many years of experience between



Mrs. A. Armstrong - Headteacher, Teaching 0.2 in Year 5/6 plus 0.1 across other classes, SENCO and Designated

Safeguarding Lead


Mrs. E. James - Y5/Y6 Teacher (part-time)


Miss. M. Bendle- Y5/Y6 Teacher (part-time) and Y1/Y2 Maternity cover (part-time)


Mrs. J. Blaylock - EYFS teacher (part-time), and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs. J. Grimshaw - EYFS teacher (part-time) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs E. White- Year 1/2 Teacher (part-time)


Miss. A. Chandler - Year 1/2 Teacher (part-time) - Currently on maternity leave


Mr. A. Reed - Year 3/4 Teacher


Mrs. W. Cape - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs. K. Holliday - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Ms. J. Collins - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs. G. Davidson - Senior Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor


Miss T. Hill - Senior Teaching Assistant


Mrs. J. Liddle - Senior Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor/OOH Club assistant


Mrs. D. Little - Senior Teaching Assistant


Mrs. C. Twiggs - Midday Supervisor


Mrs. J. Shannon - School Administrator


Mrs. J. Cooper-Holmes -OOH Club Lead


Mrs. M. Anson - Clerk to Governors