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Kirkbampton C.E. School

With Hope, Friendship and Compassion, we learn together.


Mrs Armstrong is the SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) here at Kirkbampton CE Primary School and holds the

NASENCO (National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination) Awarded March 2013 by University of Cumbria


We want all children to thrive here at Kirkbampton CE Primary School and to help ensure this, we endeavour to identify

children who may have additional learning needs or physical difficulties as early as possible in order to provide the correct

targeted help and support. Children will be supported in a variety of ways which may include within the classroom as part of

the school curriculum, or being withdrawn to receive support either individually or as part of a small group. Regular

consultations between teachers and parents will help to ensure that each child receives the correct level and type of support

to achieve the agreed learning targets on their IEP (Individual Education Plan.) Extra advice and support is also available from

the LA Special Needs Service and the Educational Psychologist.


Access for Disabled Pupils

All areas of the school are now accessible to those with mobility difficulties and we have toilet facilities suitable for both

children and adults. Kirkbampton CE Primary School will make appropriate arrangements for the admission of pupils with

disabilities. Individual assessments will be made when needed in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act.