At Kirkbampton CE Primary School we aim for our children to confidently and independently use and apply information technology skills to support and extend their learning.  We develop a culture where the use of ICT (information, communication and technology) becomes second nature to our pupils, thus ensuring they are ready and able to embrace the technological advances of the future.

Computing Progression of Skills 2020 2021

Computing Progression of Skills 2019 2020

Children in all Key Stages have access to a bank of shared laptops for use during computing sessions and as a resource to aid learning in other curriculum areas. The children are taught using Interactive whiteboards or plasma screens.

There is a key emphasis on learning skills for computing; these include programming, debugging and exchanging information.  Our children are taught how to access information, evaluate its suitability, store it, share it with others and tailor it to meet their own needs.

Digital Literacy is a big part of the curriculum, with children learning how to use ICT safely – at regular points throughout the year, children undertake e-safety sessions on topics such as cyberbullying or using the internet safely.

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