Writing is taught to every child in some form every day. From a young age, children are given opportunities to write for a range of purposes and audience, constantly practising their writing skills.

Teachers model writing to the children on a daily basis allowing them to be aware of different writing styles. We encourage children to check their work independently for accuracy, sense and meaning.

Writing Genre Mapping









Spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar are taught throughout the school within daily sessions of Literacy and discretely if the teacher feels it necessary. Practise of spellings and grammar are encouraged throughout the curriculum.



Phonics is taught daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Sessions are adapted from the Letters and Sounds programme.



Children are encouraged to read for pleasure and to choose their own books with carefully structured teacher guidance.  Reading Skills are practised daily in all classes. In EYFS and Key Stage 1, teachers/teaching assistants aim to listen to the children, independently, at least once a week as well as in Guided Reading Sessions.

In Lower Key Stage 2 children are listened to during Guided Reading sessions weekly and as often as possible for independent reading. In Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to read more independently and are given 15 minutes a day to do this.

Reading Overview


Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening skills are taught and used every day within the classroom in each subject and in discrete Drama lessons, as part of Literacy lessons.

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