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Kirkbampton C.E. School

With Hope, Friendship and Compassion, we learn together.

PE & Sport


At Kirkbampton, we want children to love being active and to be advocates of leading healthy, active lifestyles. We help them to understand the wider importance of their physical and mental health.

The Curriculum instils confidence and develops the physical, personal, social and thinking skills of our pupils. Through play, PE lessons and competition, we encourage our young sportsmen and women to feel motivated to achieve their personal best across a diverse range of Fundamental Movement Skills.

We initially want our children to develop the fundamental movement skills of running, hopping, catching and jumping in order to gain the confidence to participate in sport. As competencies increase, so does a young person's ability to communicate.

PE builds character, develops resilience, encourages creativity, that might involve taking risks alongside their peers, and helps to embed values such as fairness and respect. We want our children to problem solve through analysing their own performance as they strive for better, to learn to cope with the disappointment of losing and the excitement of winning, and to get to know their own and others' strengths and weaknesses within and outside of the school's perimeter.



All KS1 and KS2 pupils have two hours of skills-based PE per week spread across the following areas: Outdoor Adventurous Activities; Swimming; Dance; Agility, Balance and Co-ordination; Strength, Flexibility, Control and Balance; Attacking and Defending; and Running, Jumping, Throwing and Catching. As a school, we follow the Real PE Scheme of learning to ensure a progression of skills is being taught from EYFS up to Year 6.

Lower and Upper Key Stage 2 attend an Outdoor Residential Centre every second year.

We benefit from visiting specialist coaches.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 visit Eden Rock annually to build upon their bouldering and problem-solving skills. Key Stage 2 are going to be undertaking an accredited award during their sessions.

Young Sports Leaders further develop the confidence and competency of our even younger children.

Investing in new technology allows our children to self-assess their performance and problem solve in sport.

Healthy meal choices from our kitchen form the backbone of our drive to promote healthy eating.



By developing the physical abilities of our pupils, they become confident and competent movers able to carry out everyday tasks more efficiently. As they progress through school, the children understand more fully the importance of eating healthily and how being active improves well-being. By the time children leave Kirkbampton CE Primary, they will have applied their skills to a range of sports, achieved personal bests through problem solving and competed competitively, yet always fairly, to varying degrees of success. Through sport, our children will carry the values of resilience, confidence, respect, tolerance, hope, friendship and compassion with them in preparation for the ups and downs they will face in later life.