Years 5&6

We have taken part in the RAFs 100 years of Flight competition. First the children had to make and test a hot air balloon and 3 different paper aeroplanes and then they had to design and make their own aircraft for the future.

This week Y5&6 have designed and made biscuits in The Great Biscuit Bake Off . The children designed their own biscuit flavours, after carrying out surveys and taste tests, and decorated individual biscuits according to their chosen design criteria.

Year 5 & 6 have been studying the Circulatory system and as part of this they have made clay models of the heart.

Monday afternoon Jill from Phunky Foods came and made Granola with Year 5 & 6.

On Monday 30 th April NISCU came into school to teach us about prayer spaces. This involved the children doing a variety of activities, putting themselves in the place of others (eg refugees ) and learning about mindfulness.

Year 5 and 6 had great fun making soap carvings. We had some impressive results and the classroom smelt lovely.

This terms topic is “The Good Life” (although I don’t think year 6 will think so as they are busy working hard for their sats).