Years 3&4

This half term the topic has been Modern Europe. The children have been learning about some of the countries in Europe and used geographical enquiry to find out about the climate, and both human and physical geographical features of those countries. As part of our topic, one of the countries that we looked at was Italy. The children had an exciting afternoon making their own pizza! Here they are decorating them, and the finished product.

As part of our Europe topic, the children were set homework for the half term to create a project on their own chosen European country. I have been absolutely amazed by the standard of the work that they have brought back in, they are fantastic! Here are the children with their own projects.

Here are our topics for the year.

Autumn 1 – Antarctica

Autumn 2 – World War Two – FromĀ a Child’s Eye

Spring 1 – Invaders and Settlers: Anglo-Saxons

Spring 2 – Animals

Summer 1 – Modern Europe

Summer 2 – The Incredible Egyptians