Year 4

Have you ever considered how food travels through our bodies?

After drawing around ourselves, we labelled our bodies with key vocabulary, facts and figures to show how food “passes through” our digestive system. Then things became very messy on the playground!



World Book Day
Everybody enjoyed being hot-seated in role as a favourite character.

STAR Writers
Wow! Who are these crazy creatures! Take a look at our Year 4 children, who became PUBLISHED AUTHORS this year. Each of their stories features in the new book, Crazy Creatures, which is a fabulous read.

During our Blind Afternoon Activity Day, children experienced having to drop counters into a cup, which would have been extremely hard without the assistance of one of their friends (in role as a guide dog).

Image Poetry.
Children have used artwork as a stimulus for their poetry writing. Their poems give a sense of the destruction of rainforests and the changing views a tribal villager will experience as they look out from their dwelling.

Watchtree Nature Reserve Visit.
What a great day it was for pond-dipping and classifying all the 64 living things that we found. 12 distinct species were found, using the classification keys.

Have you ever built a rainforest shelter for a human or an animal? We have and here’s one of each. Great fire outside Ollie to scare off the predators that roam Watchtree after dark!

Here are our topics for the year.

Autumn 1 – Rainforests

Autumn 2 – Romans in Britain

Spring 1 – Once Upon a Time

Spring 2 – Rise of the Robots

Summer 1 – Talking of Tudors

Summer 2 – Mighty Mountains: The Lake District