Year 3

Last half term our topic was Once Upon a Time. The children did lots of interesting activities, such as writing their own twisted fairytales, creating a magical carriage picture using oil pastels, and making their own magic wands. Here are some of the wand designs.

They also found out about some ‘giant’ structures around the world. They used atlases to locate the countries on a map of the world.

Year 3 also did lots of excellent maths work, including learning about how to find perimeters of shapes. We measured the length and width of the playground using metre sticks to figure out what the perimeter of that was.

Here are our topics for the year.

Autumn 1 – Rainforests

Autumn 2 – Romans in Britain

Spring 1 – Once Upon a Time

Spring 2 – Rise of the Robots

Summer 1 – Talking of Tudors

Summer 2 – Mighty Mountains: The Lake District