Year 3

This half term our topic is Talking of Tudors. The children have learned a lot about different Tudor monarchs, what life was like in Tudor times including houses and homes, what towns were like, food and drink and Tudor jobs. In literacy lessons, the children wrote non-fiction information texts about an aspect of Tudor life that they had researched using non-fiction books and the internet. They took notes on what they found and then wrote it up fully in a report. There were some fantastic pieces of writing with lots of facts! They also listened to Greensleeves, a piece of music composed during Tudor times. They used their imagination to think about what the piece of music made them feel and think, about what it might have been like to have been a Tudor listening to the song. They wrote free verse poems describing what they would see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Here are some of them on our Tudor display board.

In Design and Technology, the children worked together to create a Tudor street scene. They each found out about a different building that might have been found on a typical street, designed and created their own model of that building then put them all together to create a street. It looks brilliant!

This half term in science the children are learning about keeping their bodies healthy. They designed their own healthy meal plate, which aimed to be a balanced meal with some protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

On Monday 30th April, NISCU came in to school and did an assembly and workshop about prayer spaces and mindfulness. There were lots of different activities to get the children thinking about big questions, friendship and those who are less fortunate than us.

Here are our topics for the year.

Autumn 1 – Rainforests

Autumn 2 – Romans in Britain

Spring 1 – Once Upon a Time

Spring 2 – Rise of the Robots

Summer 1 – Talking of Tudors

Summer 2 – Mighty Mountains: The Lake District