Year 2

We have been busy again in Science this half term, looking at everyday materials. So far, we have done an absorbency experiment to see which material is the best for soaking up water, and an experiment to see which materials become waterproof when coloured with a wax crayon. We had to think carefully and plan these experiments which took us a long time.

For Chinese New Year we created these silhouette roosters. We used yellow and red to symbolise wealth and luck. They were quite tricky and fiddly!

The children also made Valentine’s Day cards. They were lovely!

Here are our topics for this year.

Autumn 1 – Famous for More Than 5 Minutes

Autumn 2 – Changes within Living Memory

Spring 1 – We are Britain

Spring 2 – The Great Fire of London

Summer 1 – Oceans and Seas

Summer 2 – Weather Experts